Documentary film «Below Zero»

THE ARCHIPELAGO OF THE EMPRESS EUGENIE strongly changes when the  cold season comes. During 15 minutes of the film you can dive into the cold waters of archipelago and meet the unique marine life.

Director, cameraman, editing, animation — Aleksey Kondratuk. The text by Vladimir Oshenko. Music — Aleksandr Shamaluev.

за гранью света финал[(000545)03-06-53]

Documentary film «Beyond the light»

How does the marine life change when the sun fell beyond the horizon?  What is like to be a «cosmonaut in a dark hydrospace»?

The film about night dives in the East Sea.

Director, cameraman, editing, animation — Aleksey Kondratuk. The text byVladimir Oshenko.


Documentary film. «The Archipelago of the Empress Eugenia»

In the Far East of Russia, on the shore of the Sea of Japan, there is located an amazing archipelago of islands  with an interesting history, unique geology and rich marine fauna. In addition to historical facts, a geological survey and a review of marine fauna, the film narrates how the species in the waters of the archipelago varies throughout the four seasons of the year. To show all four seasons, the shooting of the film took place over a year.
The film features unique aero and underwater shooting, followed by timelaps and animation. Director, cameraman, editing, animation — Aleksey Kondratuk. The text by Yuri Sivirin.

Project «Treasures of the Sea of Japan»

This year we started a project called «Treasures of the Sea of Japan».

This is research group in facebook, with idea to discover history and interesting facts about the Sea of Japan. In group we share photos and videos of the Sea of Japan from above and underwater. Also we share photos and videos of inhabitants of the sea, and tell about their life.

Join us:  

Безымянный-1Diving club «Sea Treasures».

We sterted new underwater activity club based in Russki island, Vladivostok city. Diving club will beworking all year long, and allow divers make warm and a cold water dives. The main idea of club is to make diving in Primorye more popular.