NEWS : Interview with underwater cameraman

TV program. Morskaya. Talking about film «The Empress Eugénie Archipelago»

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Photo report from Karamzina island

Preparing for film festival «Human and a Sea» 2018

TV program «Morskaya». Life under ice

Sea of Japan in cold winter sason (video)

Beauty of the Sea of Japan. Second part of video.

New video about beauty os East Sea (Sea of Japan)

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World Oceans day in Primorsky oceanarium

New video about diving in Primorye in spring

New page: Logbook. Reports about dives and trips.

Article in X-Ray Mag «On the other side of the ice»

Under the Ice competition in Vladivostok

Article in «VladHealth» — Diving in Primorye

Article «Winter current». Winter diving in Vladivostok

New video about diving in Primorye in winter

«Japan sea treasures» and «SeaFrogs» at Divesho2017 Vladivostok divers had celebrated New Yaer underwater. 

Nat-Geo exhibition «Wild nature of Russia 2016» : Divers from Primorye make portraits of shrimps and starfishes.

Interview for tv program «Morskaya». Talking about Japan sea treasures and etc.

Interview about winter spots in Far East for resourse «»

Article «Japan sea treasures: Diving in Primorye» for

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Article “ Diving in Vladivostok” for «Max Depth» journal

Special project “Routes of Jacques Yves Cousteau”

Festival “Wild underwater world 2”

Photo exhibition “Look at Vladivosok”

Contest “Look at Vladivostok 2015”

Article “Wrecks of Truk” for «Max Depth» journal

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Festival “Wild underwater world”