I was born in Vladivostok city on the shore of Japan Sea ( East Sea) in the Far East of Russia. My specialty is economics and mathematics, but all my life I wanted to do something creative. Five years ago Ocean has changed my life — i tried myself in scuba diving. In a half of the year I went from OWD to Divemaster with lot of certifications, including ice diver.

Few years ago i tried to tell my family about the beauty of underwater world, and decided to show it with photography. Since that time, i have no idea what to do underwater without camera.After two year of doing best hobby in the world, it gave me some good results. I took part in many photo exhibitions, won a couple competitions and wrote some articles for scuba magazines.

My home bassin is Japan Sea — one of the richest biological resources of the seas in the world. Two years ago I started a project called «Japan Sea Treasures» with idea to discover history and interesting facts of Japan sea, make photographs and identify it's inhabitants and protect them. I even started to study biology for it.  And last yaer me and my freands established dive club in our native town.

I often travel with my « digital byddy». Some of my favorite destinations was Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, Similan Islands in Thailand, Tulamben in Bali. And of course i have a dream destinations and they are: Galapagos Islands with it's hammerheads, Kingdom of Tonga with it's whales and Antarctic with it's sea leopards.

Sincerely yours, Aleksei Kondratuk. Divemaster, underwater naturalist and cameraman.