Unusual jellyfish in Novik bay

April, 4. Novik Bay.
Yesterday Andrey called me and said that he was testing his drysuit  in Novik bay and noticed unusual small jellyfish. I sent him a bundle of photos in order to determine the creature, but we did not come to a consensus. We decided to go and «burn» Novik with flashes and torches. Just recently i got the missing adds for a new camera.
The weather was cool  with the S. wind on April 4th. And this means that in Novik there will be a little bit wavy. When I arrived in the bay, Andrey had already talked to biologists, who had already caught a few jellyfishes. I looked in the jar, really such jellyfish have not yet met. Well, we took scuba and went for a dive!
Dive plan: go to the pier and visit the local nudibrabches, then go a little bit of the seas and get to the spit.
Water +3. Visibility was about 3-4 meters. We reached the pier. It's time to try a new «gun». Autofocus on the new camera became noticeably faster. Ergonomics of box is really good. But here one minus still found: the old box had an additional window on top, in which you could see all the necessary settings at any time. New box doesn't have this feature, you have to press the info button and watch all the settings on the main display.
On the wall of the pier, as usual, a we found lot of macro: green shrimps, Japanese shrimps, a lots of mysids, a small hermits. In addition to cuthonella soboli, a pair of nudibranches rostanga alisae were caught in the camera lens. Also we met a sea spider. But  we came here for jellyfish ... We go to the side of the braid ...

  • Широкорот красивый.
  • Капреллида
  • Соболёк
  • Соболёк
  • Rostanga Alisae
  • Placida Babai
  • Морской паук (Pandapoda)

Photographing in Novik is very difficult. You need to hang in the water and try not to make unnecessary movements. There is of a very thick layer of silt at the bottom , which will lift in the water in a dense veil, with careless flapping flippers. And all this at a depth of only 5 meters!
The water became warmer, the fishes have appeared. There was a flounder, small sculpins. There was a fairly rare specimen — neozoarces pulcher, and even a female.
At the seabed, among the muddy desert, were found oases of laminaria and hydroids. We found the pretty nudibranch Placida Babai.
But at last I saw the purpose of our dive. Miniature, barely noticeable, half-centimeter «bulbs» was swimming in the water. And again I noticed the autofocus of D810 is really cool. The camera easily grabbed these transparent jelly in a frame!

  • bougainvillia superciliaris
  • bougainvillia superciliaris

Divetime 64 minutes. It's time to go out.  Andrew had flooded his drysuit . He even didin't told me about it underwater (and water only +3). He stubbornly endured the search for macro-creators and did not abandon me. A real buddy! Respect!

Well, most of the task is done. Photos of jellyfish received, now it remains to determine the it's name. Jellyfish turned out to be hydroids jellyfish with the interesting name bougaivillia superciliaris. This species was first discovered in the Southern Ocean. And then he appeared in other cold-water seas.  Active assistance in the distribution of this species was provided by the ships. Polyps of these animals were found on the hull of the ships. Most likely they were brought to our sea by a ship that came from cold waters.
I never stop surprise with the macro world of Novik Bay. Every dive is like a little discovery for myself. I look forward to the following «studies» ...

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