UnderIce 2017 competition

On 18-19 of february. Novik Bay.

According the tradition, championship took place in Novik bay in February. The ice on the sea is the most stable at this month. This year organizers  decided to form ice lanes checkpoint in infinity sign and place an entrance ice lanes in the center of each ring of it. The depth of the reef was only seven meters. To participate the competition Ice Diver certificate was required.

So how did the idea of such competitions appear? The idea of the competition was borrowed from the military system. Military divers have to pass the standards in passing an underwater track on time, in difficult conditions in the overhead environment, whether it is wreck or a cave. Such trainings have become popular among the recreation divers, and eventually evolved into the world championship.

Divers from 12 teams responded to the invitation of the organizers this year. Besides the Russian divers, the competition was visited by divers from Italy and South Korea. All competitors had to pass the same length track under the ice, but with different checkpoints. The main task of the challenge was not only to pass the track as quickly as possible, but do it right.

The competition was divided into two days. On the first day there was the general classification of the competition, and the final was held on the second day. Three nominations for three prize winners were determined for each: individual championship among men, women individual championship and team challenge.

The fastest time of the track was 3 minutes 28 seconds for men and 3 minutes 35seseconds among women, and the slowest 11 minutes 32 seconds and 13 minutes and 21 seconds, respectively.

So what is the main idea of these competitions? First of all, to unite and to acquaint people with the same interests. Let people feel the spirit of extreme events in a safe environment. Defeat your fears, to become better and stronger, because participation in such competitions is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills in ice diving and navigating under ice.

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